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Everybody’s heard of Photoshop, it’s the big hitter in Photo Editing software. However, they’ve a new competitor making waves in the market. Affinity Photo, currently in the Beta stages so free to download and try, will cost around £35 with 2 years of free updates. Comparing that to the £8.75/month for photoshop there is a considerable difference in price. Price means nothing though if the program doesn’t perform.

Affinity Photo promises silky-smooth operation with all of the familiar tools: burn/dodge, lasso, sharpen, blur, selection, paint, eraser, and more. Colour wise it offers 16-bit channel support, end-to-end colour-managed workflow, RGB, Greyscale, CMYK, and LAB.

The only downside currently is that it is Mac only however they have expressed interest in bringing out a Windows version, although they haven’t set a date for this yet.

Having trailed it out it definitely seems to be able to hold its own against Photoshop and it’s only the early days. As well, their promotional video shows some incredibly powerful editing processes. Definitely one to look out for!

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